Mugs by Sorrento Stoneware


Sorrento Stoneware is run by Sheryl Willson and Mark Hemmingson in Sorrento, BC, Canada. We create in a spirit of tradition and experimentation. When you come to our sales, or … Read More...

Sorrento Stoneware Studio

Studio Drop Ins

You are welcome to come by the studio to buy pottery. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday We have a show room, and there's always something in the kiln room. We generally … Read More...


Glazes by Sorrento Stoneware

Our Glazes

A pot by itself has raw beauty, but the glaze adds a whole new dimension. Sheryl has been experimenting with her glazes since she began working in clay. On her more … Read More...

Clay Links

Clay Community In Southern BC

If you are looking for classes or a group to join in your area, here are some suggestions. Included is a list of pottery suppliers, and some on-line inspiration from … Read More...

Our Work

Berry Bowls by Sorrento Stoneware

Berry Bowls

Berry Bowls are made for fresh fruit, berries and grapes. The holes allow water to drain and provides air-flow, so fruit can be washed and left on the counter to enjoy. This bowl can also be used … Read More...

Shaving Cups by Sorrento Stoneware

Shaving Cups

Get back to basics. A traditional shaving cup, accompanied by handmade shaving soap. The cup is designed be held from the bottom while lathering the brush. The soap is made by JayneGirl Bath and … Read More...

Mugs by Sorrento Stoneware

Assorted Mugs

In a world of machines and automation we think it's gratifying to use something someone has made by hand. Mugs are one of the best examples of the everyday handcrafted piece. The feeling of warmth in … Read More...