Mugs by Sorrento Stoneware

Welcome To Sorrento Stoneware

Sorrento Stoneware is run by Sheryl Willson and Mark Hemmingson in Sorrento, BC, Canada.

We create handmade pottery in a spirit of tradition and experimentation. When you come to our sales, or drop by our studio, you’ll find things we always make, as well as original works of art. It’s this light of stability and creativity that guides our exploration of this incredible art form… Read More…


Glazes by Sorrento Stoneware

Our Glazes

A pot by itself has raw beauty, but the glaze adds a whole new dimension. Sheryl has been experimenting with her glazes since she began working in clay. On her more … Read More...

New Moon Gallery

New Moon Gallery – Kelowna

We are happy to be selling our work in New Moon Gallery. 2525 Dobbin Road, West Kelowna. Linda Lovisa does an excellent job of running this studio, gallery and … Read More...

Our Work

Soup Cup by Sorrento Stoneware

Soup Cup

A cup with many uses. We're really happy with this piece. It actually started out as a Latte Cup, and quickly became known as a Chili Bowl, a Soup Cup, and an Ice Cream Cup...according to the likes … Read More...

sawdust firing

Sawdust Firing

Sawdust firing comes from one of the oldest firing techniques. Modern scholars have theorized that the first clay vessels were created when baskets, waterproofed with a lining of wet clay, were … Read More...

Utensil Jars by Sorrento Stoneware

Utensil Jars

We have fun with our utensil jars. We glaze them in a variety of colours, and try to vary the shapes as well so you can choose a favourite. Normally I would go on about how great this product is, but … Read More...