Mugs by Sorrento Stoneware


Sorrento Stoneware is run by Sheryl Willson and Mark Hemmingson in Sorrento, BC, Canada. We create handmade pottery in a spirit of tradition and experimentation. When … Read More...


Sorrento Farmers’ Market

Starting May 9, 2015 - Saturday Mornings - 8 am to 12 Noon. Sorrento Farmers Market is getting ready for a fabulous new Season. Our official start date is May 9th, … Read More...

Our Work

Mugs by Sorrento Stoneware

Assorted Mugs

In a world of machines and automation we think it's gratifying to use something someone has made by hand. Mugs are one of the best examples of the everyday handcrafted piece. The feeling of warmth in … Read More...

Berry Bowls by Sorrento Stoneware

Berry Bowls

Berry Bowls are made for fresh fruit, berries and grapes. The holes allow water to drain and provides air-flow, so fruit can be washed and left on the counter to enjoy. This bowl can also be used … Read More...

Vases by Sheryl Willson, Sorrento Stoneware


Vases allow for exploration of form, texture and glazes. Each year Sheryl explores the art of making vases. It's allowed her to expand into a new landscape of shapes and glazes. Different colour … Read More...