Welcome To Sorrento Stoneware


Sorrento Stoneware is run by Sheryl Willson and Mark Hemmingson in Sorrento, BC, Canada.

We create handmade pottery in a spirit of tradition and experimentation.

When you come to our sales or drop by our studio you'll find pottery for everyday use, as well as original works of art.

Upcoming Sales

Royal Inland Hospital Sale


November 5, 2017
Kamloops, BC

Okanagan Potters’ Association

Okanagon Potters Association

November 11-12, 2017
Kelowna, BC

Okanagan Artisans Guild

Okanagan Artisans Guild Vernon Craft Sale

November 24 - 25, 2017
Vernon, BC

We Create Functional Pottery and Original Works of Art

Salmon Collection

This unique pottery designed by Sheryl Willson celebrates the salmons' return to the Adam's River.

Olive Line

This is our main line of functional pottery. We offer a full range of Dinnerware and Tableware in this black, cream and olive coloured glaze.

Specialty Pieces

We enjoy experimenting and breaking new ground. These pieces range from one-of-a-kind functional wares to original works of art.