French Butter Dish

These handy butter dishes look great on the counter when they’re closed, and the top flips out to sit on the table as well. Originating in France in the 1800’s before refrigeration was commonplace, they keep butter fresh by sealing … Read more


Our platters have an organic feel to them, each with their own unique shape. They come in various shapes and sizes for all sorts of serving options. Sheryl makes them by throwing a thick disk on the potters wheel rather … Read more

Spouted Bowls

One of the pleasures of pottery is elevating everyday activities to a more pleasurable level. Mixing bowls are a nice addition to life in the kitchen. The small one is ideal for mixing up eggs, salad dressings, dips or any … Read more


You can order dinnerware and select which pieces you want in your set. Currently we are offering a round plate in two sizes; the dinner plate and the side plate. A soup and dessert bowl compliment the plates. Mugs come … Read more

Cream and Sugar

We have a regular cream and sugar set, and there are sometimes one-of-a-kind pieces done in different glazes.