Salad Bowls

We make bowls in a variety of sizes from small to extra large They generally have an open form with a slight rim, but I enjoy making a different shapes as well. Sometimes they’re more upright and less open, but … Read more

Salt Pots

a.k.a. – Salt Pig and Salt Cellar. These handy containers are designed to sit on the counter by the stove for quick access to salt when cooking. These aren’t the type you pinch out the salt with your fingers, but … Read more

Utensil Jars

Shuswap Blue Utensil Jars These utensil jars allow you to see some of the best qualities of the Shuswap Blue glaze. The deep blue colour underneath is accented on the rim. This accent glaze creates a watery melting effect and … Read more

Brie Baker

Our Brie Baker holds a six inch round of brie Most of our brie bakers have a smooth rim like the one on the left. From time to time we flute them like a pie plate. The best way to … Read more


Our pitcher holds about one litre, so its great for decanting wine. It also makes a good milk jug. Because pottery tends to hold its temperature your milk will remain colder longer. The trick is to put it in the … Read more