Brie Baker

Brie Baker

Our Brie Baker holds a six inch round of brie

Most of our brie bakers have a smooth rim like the one on the left. From time to time we flute them like a pie plate.

The best way to use it is to put it in the oven, and then turn the oven on. Most baked brie recipes instruct you to pre-heat the oven to 350, but pottery doesn’t like heat-shock. We fire our kilns to 2200 degree Fahrenheit, so they can the heat if you put the dish in the oven, and then bring it up to heat. This heats the pottery evenly and doesn’t cause any stress.

We use food safe glazes that can go in the microwave. We commonly re-heat mugs of tea in the microwave, and brie could be done that way as well.

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