Salmon Mugs

Salmon Mug

Sheryl made this mug to celebrate the wonder of the Sockeye.

Salmon MugThe imagery of the salmon swimming around the mug celebrates the strength and vitality of this incredible species. The Sockeye travels hundreds of miles to a spend a lifetime at sea, then miraculously returns to its ancestral waters to give birth to a new generation.

This is the style of salmon mug we have stocked for the summer. It’s thrown by Mark, stamped and glazed by Sheryl. It holds about 14 ounces and has an easy to grip handle.

The salmon has been such a popular motif that we have started stamping a selection of our large serving bowls and platters with the motif. It’s turned into a new collection of slate blue wares that continues to grow.

For more info on the Sockeye check out the Adam’s River Salmon Society.

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