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I’m drawn to making things that elevate life’s simple pleasures; a mug that tells a story, a vase to host fresh cut flowers, things that nudge one to look for beauty in the ordinary rituals of our daily lives, how lunch is served on a beautiful plate, or the cup we offer to a friend.

My gallery gives a taste of the kind of pieces I make. A selection of mugs are for sale online. The rest of my mugs and work can be found in my studio showroom, and at the Shuswap Artisan Market.


Vases by Sheryl Willson

Above: Vases for full size Bouquets

Below: These sweet little wall vases are reminiscent of tin ware, perfect for a few flowers from the garden, or some fresh herbs in the kitchen.

Bike Mug by Sheryl Willson


I create mugs as limited editions. This allows me to work on one set at a time, and stay with a theme like birds, bikes or bees.

When a set is ready I put them in my online shop. I usually make about a dozen at a time. They can be bought as singles, or in any number I have available.

I don’t take orders when a set has sold. Instead I post my latest work as it comes out of the kiln. This way I can keep exploring the ideas that make me feel most alive and produce my best work.

Bee Mug by Sheryl Willson
Bird Mug by Sheryl Willson


Most of my serving wares are glazed in glossy white, or with a matte glaze I call ‘butter’. These glazes have a warm glow to them that compliments food beautifully. Most of my serving wares are one-of-a-kind although I do repeat some patterns.

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