Sheryl Willson – Gallery

This gallery offers an overall view of my work.
Please note, I’m not selling off the website right now. My work is available at the Shuswap Artisan Market in Sorrento.


I create mugs as limited editions. This allows me to work on one set at a time, and stay with a theme like birds, bikes or bees.

I usually make about a dozen mugs in one session. They can be bought as singles, or in any number I have available.

I don’t take orders when a set has sold. Instead I move on to the next set and keep exploring the ideas that make me feel most alive and produce my best work.


Most of my serving wares are glazed in glossy white, or with a matte glaze I call ‘butter’. These glazes have a warm glow to them that compliments food beautifully. In general these pieces are one-of-a-kind although I do repeat some patterns.


I’m drawn to making things that elevate life’s simple pleasures.
There is nothing more joyful than filling a room with fresh cut flowers.

One-of-a-Kind Vases are available at the Shuswap Artisans Market.

In the Studio

Here’s a look at my making process.

Using red clay as a canvas allows me to add imagery into my forms. I like to use ‘reversed’ textures so the glaze can break over the relief.

bee stamp

Working with bisque fired stamps I texture the soft clay as I create my pieces. I’m always bringing my sketches into my wares.