Pottery Info

Sheryl’s Studio

Using red clay as a canvas allows me to add imagery into my forms. I like to use ‘reversed’ textures ... Read more

What Is Stoneware?

It is a type of clay that forms a close bond with glazes. When fired the glaze and the clay ... Read more

Pottery Care

Pottery Care

Here are a few tips to help you care for your wares. WashingLike any pottery, commercial or handmade, it’s okay ... Read more

Utensil Jar

Utensil Jars in Process

They sit overnight and firm up. In the morning I add handles and stamp them with swirls to give character ... Read more

Sanding Pottery

Sanding Pottery

The firing was a success. Now it’s time to sand the bottoms of the pots.

Glazing Pottery

Here’s a video on how I glaze a spouted bowl by layering glaze with a brush, and doing a full ... Read more

Waxing Pottery

Before glazing, pottery needs to be waxed so the glaze doesn’t stick to the bottoms of the pots. Watch this ... Read more

Throwing a Mug

Throwing Mugs

Back on the wheel today throwing mugs. Here’s how I create the cylinder, the first part of the process.

Pottery Resources

Pottery Resources Southern BC

The Thompson, Okanagan and Shuswap areas form a natural region in which potters and clay artists exchange ideas and support ... Read more

Sawdust Firing

Sawdust Firing

Modern scholars have theorized that the first clay vessels were created when baskets, waterproofed with a lining of wet clay, ... Read more

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