Sheryl’s Studio

Using red clay as a canvas allows me to add imagery into my forms. I like to use ‘reversed’ textures … Read more

Sorrento Stoneware Salmon Pottery

Salmon Pottery

Adam’s River, near where we live, is home to one of the world’s largest Sockeye runs. In the beginning the … Read more

Pottery Care

Pottery Care

Here are a few tips to help you care for your wares. WashingLike any pottery, commercial or handmade, it’s okay … Read more

Sanding Pottery

Sanding Pottery

The firing was a success. Now it’s time to sand the bottoms of the pots.

Glazing Pottery

Here’s a video on how I glaze a spouted bowl by layering glaze with a brush, and doing a full … Read more

Waxing Pottery

Before glazing, pottery needs to be waxed so the glaze doesn’t stick to the bottoms of the pots. Watch this … Read more

Throwing a Mug

Throwing Mugs

Back on the wheel today throwing mugs. Here’s how I create the cylinder, the first part of the process.

Sawdust Firing

Sawdust Firing

Modern scholars have theorized that the first clay vessels were created when baskets, waterproofed with a lining of wet clay, … Read more

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